Tuesday, April 3, 2007

What Comes After Zero Hour?

We have MUSTACHES! It's true! Last night, at Arbor Brewing Company, our mustache farmers came out en masse to show off their virility. Sure, some of them just looked like they needed to wash their faces, but others sported actual baby staches.

The 826 Ladies Auxiliary met briefly to decide who had the Stache of the Week. Amanda and Amy's eyes panned over the crowd and both of them stopped at the same time on the same stache. There was no denying it: the biggest, brightest, manliest stache stood proudly on the face of Rich Retyi.

Congrats to Rich, and condolences to C Jason who, as you can see from the photo, had a runner-up-to-Miss-America reaction to his loss.

Vote on your favorite stache! And by "vote" we mean "donate money to," which, in this competition, are one and the same. See you next week!

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