Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Last night we convened yet again to compare facial hair. I have to say that our farmers are becoming quite a little team. Friendships are being forged. It’s heartwarming, it really is. There was, of course, some sizing-up, some staring-down, and some debate about whether it was really fair to take hair off of one’s head and tape it to one’s face for the photo.

We encouraged our growers to come up with an anagram for S.T.A.C.H.E.B.L.O.G.

They ranged from non sequitor:

Superfluous Teaching Assistants Can’t Hopscotch Ever Because Ladies Out-hop Guys (Josh)

To almost making sense:

Sure To Achieve Constant Hidden Enrichment, Blogging Leads Our Goal (Seyth)
Shaving, That’s A Childish, Heathenly Enterprise Because Literacy Outwardly Grows

To basically making sense:

Striving Toward Advancing Children’s Healthy Education By Luring Outgoing Growers (Ryan)

It should also be noted that Rich had two good ones, but he wrote them on a coaster and I lost it. Sorry Rich. Also, it probably goes without saying that if C Jason had been there, he would’ve come up with something outrageous and hilarious. (Yawn.)

Feel free to add your anagrams in our comments section!

Rich Retyi passed the torch of Best Stache to Huron High teacher Jay Howe.


Adrienne said...

Superlative Teachers Achieve Chronic Hirsuteness (Eventually) by Liberality of Growth?

Anonymous said...

Strange Ticklish Accent Can Harm Enough Beautiful Ladies of Glamour


Anonymous said...

Strange Ticklish Accent Can Harm Elegant Beautiful Ladies Of Glamour


Anonymous said...

Students, Teachers And Child Huggers Entertained By Length Of Growth

Anonymous said...

Sassy, Tandy And Clearly Hot...Every Babe Loves Our Guys