Friday, February 27, 2009

Announcing...your 2009 Mustache Farmers!

Andrew Moran
Ben Bloch
Carter Glass
Chris Swinko
Christopher Taylor
Connor Timmons
Dan Smith
Duncan Riley
Eli Robb
Eric Hill
Frank Uhle
Ian Fulcher
Ivan Mayerhofer
Jacob Anderson
Jason Gardner
Jeff Gaynor
Jim Dowling
Josh Barnhardt
Josh Cohen
KC Colwell
Kelan Thomas
Ken Mazur
Mark Kneisel
Matt Lewis
Michael Gorwitz
Michael Stepniak
Michael Wyzywany
Mike Kessler
Moshe Kornfeld
Paul Marinec
Rick Weise
Sean Hillson
Steven Rajewski
Tim Newell
Tony Trease
Tyler Brubaker

And Steve Rockwood, Mustache Mentor Read more!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Let the Countdown Begin!

It’s just seven days until Mustache Madness 2009. Are you ready? Quick rules refresher for mustache growers who are still confused by this:

-Show up Monday night at Arbor Brewing Company with a clean shave at 8:26 p.m.
-Drink a beer on us!
-Pose for a head shot with Photographer Angi.
-Check your email Tuesday. We’ll send you a link to your lovely photo with a paypal button underneath.
-As the weeks go on, your mustache will grow. Your friends and family will see the progression of that lovely stache online and they’ll be compelled to not only ask why (826michigan’s free programs for kids!) but also to support this crazy project with a donation.
-No beards.

Not planning to grow this year? Here are your guidelines:

-Show up Monday night at Arbor Brewing Company at 8:26 p.m.
-Buy a beer from the good folks who are sponsoring M-A-T III.
-Pick your favorite guy or your favorite mustache and make a donation via this website, in person, or by mail.

We have 23 confirmed growers! I want to offer my warmest, most heartfelt thanks to: Carter, Chris, Christopher, Connor, Dan, Duncan, Frank, Ian, Ivan, Jeff, Jim, Josh B., Josh C., KC, Kelan, Ken, Mark, Matt, Michael, Mike, Moshe, Rick and Tyler. Once the staches grow in, I’m a little worried that the disguise effect will cause me to confuse you, especially with all the Joshes and Chrises and Mikes. Mustache growers should remember to attend this meeting with your most distinctive personality traits on full display so you will be recognizable in subsequent weeks of the a-thon.
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