Friday, March 21, 2008

2008 Mustache-A-Thon: Son of Stache!

They’re back! Mustaches. Soup strainers. Those hairy, itchy upper lips. After the big shave last April, most of the 2007 Mustache Farmers thought they’d never see another one.

After raising about $5000 in five weeks for the First Annual Mustache-A-Thon, we decided to press our luck by adding a week and trying for $10,000 this year. (The mathematicians in our writing lab figure that’s about a dollar per whisker.) Jay Howe and his mustache picked up a trophy from 826michigan Program Director Amy Sumerton last year.

This spring, every Monday, starting March 24, mustache farmers, supporters, friends and followers meet in Arbor Brewing Company’s Tap Room at 8:26 p.m. If you’re a grower, you get a free pint of delicious beer each week. You also get to spend about six weeks answering the questions, “Did you forget to shave?” and “Why are you growing a mustache?” It’s your perfect opportunity to tell your friends and family about 826michigan’s free writing programs for kids and ask for a donation to support the organization’s ongoing work.

We’ll wait until after Monday to reveal the full 2008 Grower Roster on this blog. If you want to join in, email

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